Petition to Send Beau the Calf to a Sanctuary

This past weekend, horrific scenes appeared on social media of Surrey Police deliberately running over a calf - twice -in Staines-Upon-Thames. No animal deserves to be violently abused and hurt, let alone a defenceless baby cow. Right now, Beau's future life and happiness are hanging in the balance - without massive public outcry and spotlight, who knows what could happen?

Beau is currently nursing her injuries on a farm, but sadly, this is not the happy ending she deserves. Whether it's a matter of months or years, Beau will inevitably end up scared and alone on a slaughterhouse floor. The only thing that can stop this from happening is people pulling together to make sure she gets to the sanctuary space that The Retreat have waiting for her. The Retreat is ready to welcome Beau into an incredible space with lots of land and 18 other cows for Beau to bond with and live out the rest of her life.

This is where the animal-loving British Public comes in. You have the power to make a difference and show Kate and Rob, the farmers, that Beau deserves the happy ending to her story only a sanctuary can give.

We call on Kate and Rob to arrange for Beau's release so she can be transported to a safe sanctuary to live out her life in acres of fresh land, surrounded by friends. Just like all farmed animals, Beau is intelligent and full of life - help us make sure they get to live in security rather than being sent for slaughter.

We urgently need your help to provide this calf, Beau, with safety and peace of life in a sanctuary. Please sign and share this petition. 

We're working with The Retreat and have a sanctuary space waiting for Beau, please help us ensure that she gets provided with the best future possible.  

We need to do this as quickly as possible to give Beau the life they deserve.


50,000 signatures

Will you sign?